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TotalFit Lifestyle is Henry County’s Premier Fitness Studio offering affordable, convenient, 60-minute classes that challenge the body and deliver results for all fitness goals.

We have two convenient locations in Henry County – Stockbridge. We offer On-site Training for your business as well as Virtual Training.  Still wondering how you can reach your fitness goals? Let us do most of the work for you!


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Sometimes seeing is believing. We love what we do and our classes are full of energy.

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TotalFit Lifestyle Coaches are certified through national accredited programs to provide expert knowledge and ensure safety.

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We Focus on the Total Picture

At TotalFit Lifestyle, we want to make sure that we change lifestyles. We tailor programs for a new you inside and out.  Simply meet with one of our certified trainers to get you started on the new you with a customized fitness plan.

increase metabolism

Feel like your daily steps are not really helping you lose weight? You may have a slow metabolism, and the only solution can be a workout that gets your heart pumping. Regular exercise can help train your metabolism to work at a higher rate, which also means you will burn more calories even when you’re not working out.

build core strength

Your core strength is at the center of your body’s ability to carry out even the smallest of physical activities. A strong, well-balanced core can help in fluid movements that eliminate stress on your body, while a weak core can result in lower back pain and frequent muscle problems.

improve posture

We all spend a lot of time sitting and standing, but what we may ignore is having good posture. Bad posture can result in more strain and fatigue on muscles and ligaments and this could cause long-term health problems. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working out can strengthen your core and upper back, which are crucial in maintaining good posture.

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