My personal trainer Lala is great ! I look forward to my sessions; even if I am tired after working all day, I know my workout session with Lala will be worth me pushing forward to attend. I am very much please with my accomplishments (weight loss and strength) with the help of Lala and […]


TotalFit is the best gym in the world. I’ve been a member for over 2 years and my results are amazing. The owners and the staff are friendly, professional and will work with you at any fitness level. I absolutely love my TotalFit family


I was looking for a gym that would challenge me and that’s exactly what I found with TFL. I love the variety of classes they offer such as, cycling, boot camp, boxing, including in-person and virtual options. I love this because I like to change my workout routine often. The staff is friendly, down to […]


I been a member of Total Fit for 2 1/2 years. During that time, I have lost weight (40+ pounds), gained muscle, and improved my overall health. The trainers are the perfect combination of coach and cheerleader. Even virtually, I looked forward to the sessions to continue my journey to my greatest level of fitness.


otal Fit is a Fast, Easy and fun way to get make a lifestyle change geared towards your health. By having regular schedule boot camps it makes it challenging on all levels to overcome weight, stamina or any other lack of fitness problems you may have. I enjoy all of the trainers! They push you […]


In the beginning the program was very challenging but after 3 years of dedicated work ethics it has been very rewarding. I feel great physically and mentally. The trainers continue to keep be motivated and I love the atmosphere always upbeat and fun!


My experience at TFL has been nothing but great. The owners and the trainers are amazing!! T hey actually care about your progress and hold you accountable for doing your part in reaching your goal.


I have been working out at TFL for over 2 1/2 years and can honestly say it is assuring to know that I can workout in a non-judgmental environment. Through the phenomenal leadership and motivation of the trainers, I have been able to successfully go from a size 18-20 to a size 12.


Totalfit lifestyle has been a wonderful experience for me. I had weight loss goals and have reached them with the instructions and encouragements from the trainers. In the end I have gained a fitness family that care about holding you accountable. I could not recommend a better place to start your fitness journey at.


I’ve been a member of Total Fit Lifestyle for over a year and can honestly say they have consistently delivered quality training in a warm and welcoming environment. The workouts provided by their professional trainers have been highly effective in my weight loss journey. I’ve learned so much about nutrition and exercise from their staff. […]


I joined TotalFit Lifestyle 8 weeks ago. All the trainers are wonderful. I can honestly say I know that i am seeing progress, big thanks to Mike for working me the hardest.


It is the best workout facility I have ever used. You get 6 days of professional workouts with professional trainers. All of the trainers are just awesome. The facility offers spinning classes 4 to 5 days a week which is great for your lower body. If you have any injuries or medical issues they always […]


Totalfit literally changed my life. I’ve never been one to exercise much and I’m definitely not a morning person, but with Totalfit I found myself getting up at 5am to go workout. The trainers are motivating and VERY patient and the environment is clean and very welcoming.


Totalfit Lifestyle has been a game changer for my physical fitness! Since July, I’ve lost over 15lbs, going from wearing an XL to a M. At Totalfit, I highly recommend attending Niyon’s bootcamp classes. Not only is he a fantastic and effective trainer but he assists with the nutritional aspects of becoming fit. Totalfit is […]


My experience at total fit has been great I lost a total of 30 lb I love all of the coaches they are great! You got Coach Mike you got Coach LaLa, Keisha are awesome and encourage you always tell you good job great job you look good I recommend them to anybody I had […]


I have truly enjoyed my experience with TFL. The trainers are awesome. Before the Coronavirus, I was going almost everyday. I look forward to being there I always get a great workout in. They don’t let me slack even when I want to. They keep pushing me and that’s what I need. Now that I’m […]